Current List of Astronomy Talks

Below is a list of talks I’ve previously given with a brief description of what is covered. However, I have also done a lot of custom designed talks in schools to children aged between 2 years and 18 years old, to fit in with a particular part of the curriculum.  So if you don’t see something here to cover what you need, please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

"Photographing The Night Sky: A Beginner's Guide to Astrophotography" covers all the basics of getting started with astrophotography, with and without a telescope. I usually do this as a 2 hour workshop but have an abridged version which I have got down to just over an hour.

"Improve Your Astrophotography" covers how to get started with stacking with walk through on how to use Autostakkert! 2, Registax 6 and Deep Sky Stacker plus some basic Photoshop Processing. Again started out as a 2 hour workshop but also have a 1 hour version.

"Creating Stunning Star Trails" is a really popular talk. I cover how to shoot a star trails sequence, stack the images in StarStaX,  basic processing and how to create a timelapse video of your startrails. I've given this talk at various camera clubs, at the Wex Photographic Astronomy Show and BAA Horncastle Astronomy weekend 2016. It is always very well received.

"Reflection, Refraction & Excitation: The Hunt For Asmospheric Optial Effects" is a 1 hour talk all about haloes, arcs, sundogs,  etc and how they form. I also go through noctilucent clouds and aurora in this talk. I gave this one as the William Fox Memorial Lecture at the BAA Horncastle weekend in 2016 and it was well received. 

“My Favourite Astronomy Photographs” – was originally a 30 minute talk presented at Space Camp in Aylesbury in 2017. I show people some of the highlights of my own astrophotography and explain how I took the photos and what makes them my favourites. This can be extended to cover an hour.

I have done a series of 30 minute talks aimed at non-astronomy people, which can be adapted to be an hour long and cover more detail for astronomy clubs. These titles include:

“Whistle Stop Tour of the Solar System”

“Constellations: From Mythology to Modern Day”

“A Brief History of Astronomy”

“What Has The Space Programme Ever Done For Us?”

“Astronomy Sketching Workshop” - I did 2 astronomy sketching workshops at the SolarSphere Festival 2017. I cover how to sketch the Moon and Sun on white paper with pencils and also using pastels on black paper. I take people through step by step how to create sketches from photographs and these skills can then be used to sketch at the telescope. You will need to provide the necessary art materials if you’d like me to do this for a large group.

Our Great USA Solar Eclipse Adventure” - this talk takes you on a journey to the USA where we had honeymoon viewing the solar eclipse. How did we plan the trip? How did we plan the photography? What did it feel like? Complete with lots photos and videos.

If you are new to astronomy and want to learn your way around the night sky, why not come along to my Learn the Night Sky sessions at Astrophotography Courses in Banbury? They run at Tooley’s Boatyard once a quarter and are a fun and informal way to learn what you can see in the coming three months. Also at Tooley’s Boatyard I am running the beginner’s astrophotography session twice and the improvers course once in 2018. See the posters below for further details of mine and other guest speakers courses at Astrophotography Courses. For more information and to book, please visit the Astrophotography Courses website:

Comments from people who have attended my talks:

Excellent! Learned a lot from it. Nicely structured and great details with a personal touch” (Wex Photographic attendee)

I was very inspired by your talk on star trail photography last Thursday at Wallingford Photo Club; I just had to have a go

“Thank you for your most interesting, informative and instructive presentation to us last night.  I am sure that you could see from our enthusiasm that we will be making our own individual attempts at producing star trails when the conditions are right” Wallingford Camera Club

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for your presentation to us. It went down very well indeed and a couple of people have said ‘best this year!’ “ Deddington, Adderbury and District Camera Club

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